Sunday, July 8, 2018

Top 5 Best shoes for flat feet

Shoes for people with flat feet are a little bit different from ordinary shoes. Individuals with flat feet have a problem while they walk due to excessive over-pronation. Hyper-pronation or over-pronation is rotational movement from the outside of the heel which causes the feet to move inward when you step on the ground.

The Dr. Scholl's Scout Sneakers

This is a fashionable white sneaker; it features smart brown leather aspects on the heel which is good to compliment any outfit you wear them with. The sneaker also provides the support and comfort features such as cushioned Memory Foam insoles and an outsole that can absorb shock to help those with flat feet conditions feel comfortable.

The KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe. 

This shoe is designed with a sturdy outsole which allow is slip-resistant to enable the user to work even in slippery surroundings. The work shoe’s exterior is made of a water-resistant material which makes the shoe easy to maintain. It also features an attractive foot-bed that has some removable insoles made of memory foam that can adjust according to the shape of your feet to provide cushioning required by those with flat feet. Highly recommended by

Clarissa Flats

Most people with flat feet are likely to have longer and broader feet. Therefore, they require a pair of shoes that are both long and wide. The Clarissa Flats is a flat sneaker that features a well-rounded toe box to provide adequate room for your toes to relax. The shoes are also available in extra wide sizes to help each individual get a suitable shoe that fits them. In addition to this, Clarissa Flats features a well-padded foot-bed and attractive firm insoles.

The Dansko Hazel Flats

The Hazel flat shoes from Dansko are trendy due to their attractive design and the comfort they provide to the wearer. These flat shoes are designed with a suede exterior part to allow the user to choose their preferred color for the shoes. They also have a small heel, and the upper parts feature a smart silver look. 

The shoes also have straps to fasten them, foot-bed made of memory foam to provide arch support for flat feet. The Dansko Hazel Flats are lightweight and comes with a spongy material lining the interior of the shoe. The flats’ flexible straps enable the wearer to adjust the shoe to make it fit well according to the size of their feet.

The KEEN Utility PTC Slip-On Work Shoe 

The most recent Utility Work Shoe from KEEN is excellent to work on and also has an attractive appearance. The KEEN Utility PTC Slip-On Work Shoe is designed using a
strong slip and oil-resistant rubber outsole which helps you to keep water out while you are working in wet environments. The creatively crafted leather uppers enable you to walk during the rainy season without having to worry about your feet getting wet. It has memory foam insoles to provide enough support and shock absorption.

In case you have flat feet, there are a variety of shoes for you to choose from. However, it is good to seek advice from a skilled physician who has experience which will help you to select the most suitable pair of shoes for your condition.